Wolfenstien: The New Order Delayed Till 2014

The news comes via Bethesda’s VP of marketing and PR, Peter Hines. Apparently the game is being delayed until 2014, and finds itself pushed out of the original Q4 2013 release window.
When asked why, Hines cited the difficulty in developing a cross-generation title as being the main reason for the delay, but also said that the full reason was a bit deeper and more complicated.

“[Wolfenstien is] just not trying to be a shooter, because it’s trying to be a shooter that also has driving elements, story elements, narrative, stealth sections — each one of those has to be excellent. It’s not just like we’re making a shooter, where if the shooting is good, then all 16 hours of the game will be good because it’s all we’re doing.”

“We didn’t just want to do a one-note Wolfenstein game. We wanted to make something that brought in all these elements, and as it turns out, the polish time you spend on the shooting stuff has no impact on what it feels like in the stealth part.”

So basically they just want to make it the best game it can be. Many times we see great games fall by the wayside because of unpolished mechanics and gameplay. Bethesda Softworks have been working on the game for a pretty long time and nobody there wants to rush out an unfinished product at such a late stage.

“MachineGames has been working on this game for a while. You don’t want to waste all that time and effort for the sake of a couple of months, if a couple of months could make all of the difference in the world.”

According to Hines, they need Wolfenstien: The new Order to be the best Wolfenstien that it can be.