New Watch Dogs Trailer Shows off Gameplay and Awards

Watch Dogs is arguably the most anticipated game of the remainder of the year (if you don’t count GTA 5, that is) and this latest trailer is basically Ubisoft bathing itself in the praise of various gaming publications.

No disrespect of course, I’m probably going to be buying it on day one. Ubisoft has every right to preen and show off the accolades it’s received over the (possibly genre-revolutionizing) game. It’s won over 90 nominations and awards so far, and if it’s a good as it looks, we can expect it to win even more when it actually comes out.

The Honored trailer shows off the impressive visuals we’ve come to expect from this game, expectations that were significantly let down by the horrid textures and lighting in the Aisha Taylor trailer.

However, Jonathan Morin, the creative director of Watch Dogs has come out and said that the poor visuals of the trailer were not due to it being run on current generation tech, but due to a communications mishap between a technician who was supposed to check the trailer for problems and the rest of the team.

According to Morin, having “hundreds of people working together causes communication issues”, and that there was “No worry to have on graphics at all” and that “I see the game every day and I can tell you, this trailer is far from it”.

Watch Dogs will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and PC on November 19 in the US and November 22 in Europe.

How excited are you for Watch Dogs?