Xbox Enforcement United, A Community Driven Xbox Live Moderation

Microsoft has just released some details on the upcoming new community moderation system to try and make Xbox Live into less of a cesspool of homophobic, xenophobic and misogynistic slurs. Most importantly, that the system is now in the beta phase. God knows it’s been a long time coming.

The system, called Xbox Enforcement United will bracket players based on their reputation, with rulings handed out by community members and then compiled by an automated process.

Apparently the system is not a replacement, but a supplement designed to assist the currently in place Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team.

According to one Xbox Live policy and enforcement director Glenn Kaleta, many of the thousands of cases the team has to review each day can be answered with “relatively simple judgment calls” such as “whether a Gamertag or profile content abides by the Xbox Live Code of Conduct”.

Participants of Xbox Enforcement United will be making such judgments on whether such content violates the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. Kaleta says “These decisions from participants feed into an algorithm our team developed.”

After that the system will calculate whether the case necessitates action such as enforcing a gamertag change or should it pass the case up to one of the Enforcers to review more thoroughly.

Apparently they’ve also taken precautions to prevent exploitation of the system. It constantly recalibrates itself and reviews the reliability of the data it is receiving and the reliability of the sender.

Contributing to Xbox Enforcement United will help earn points for yet another newly-launched system called Xbox Community Level. Xbox Live members can apply to join this site and earn rewards and recognition for programs like Enforcement United beta and Xbox Live Ambassadors.

If you’re an Xbox Live Ambassador, you can register to take part in the beta; Xbox Enforcement United will be opened to general members when it officially launches in a few months.

Source: Xbox