inFamous: Second Son ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Dev Diary

Lots of mouth-sounds and homemade sound effects in this new Dev Diary from the team at Sucker Punch studios, developers of inFamous: Second Son. You can watch the video up above.

In the video, we get to see some of the concept behind our new hero, as well as his power; smoke.

Apparently the team put a lot of effort into the particle effects in the game, as the power in question has a lot to do with that. Some of the designers and visual effects artists show us a bit of the magic as they fiddle with the global illumination settings on their monitors.

My favorite part (if you couldn’t tell) is when a bunch of grown men in a room communicate their ideas for the game through various mouth sounds and gestures. Fshooooom.

They also talk about Deslin’s secondary power, which lets him absorb and use the superpower of any other conduit he comes into contact with.

They also talk a little bit about his various attacks such as a really, really cool looking comet strike in which Deslin flies really high up in the air then smashes down onto the ground for “Maximum number of things flying about”.

Infamous: Second Son will be released in the first quarter of 2014 exclusively for PlayStation 4.