Deep Down: Latest Video Hints at Horror Components

Capcom has finally started pushing forward information for Deep Down, revealing to us earlier that the game is an online enabled RPG with some horror components.

A latest trailer released for the game shows off some creepy monsters, as well us letting us hear on overlapping dialogue: “Would you like to see my painting?” “It is my fate to die here,” “I don’t want to die here,” and “Happiness… yes, I had happiness.”

Deep Down was initially shown at the PlayStation 4 reveal in February this year. Only recently though Capcom came forward to confirm that the video shown at the event was in-fact the actual game and not a tech-demo.

Even though the game was shown at Sony’s event, Deep Down is not confirmed as an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4. It’s highly possible that the title heads for the Xbox One and maybe PC as well.

Deep Down will require an internet connection to run and is said to support “a large number of players”.

Offline play has not been touched by the firm so far and it has to be noted that it’s highly possible the internet connection is only required to access some online features. Hence, perhaps the game might offer some sort of closure for offline play.

From the looks of it, the game might be an answer to Dark Souls and Deep Down may eventually be revealed to be a MMORPG with online features similar to Dark Souls.