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Dead Rising 3: The Threat is Put Back in the Zombies Instead of the Clock

Previously it was revealed that the new Dead Rising 3 would take a break from the usual ‘timed challenges’. Most of us found it really annoying to be at places at the right time, or to follow up on a quest while we’re on the clock. Trying to be punctual while going from place A to B was difficult; with a horde of the undead in between and plenty of attractive shopping malls in the way.

With Dead Rising 3 though, the threat has been shifted back to the zombies.

In regular mode, the game features no timer. Players have the freedom to explore the world at their leisure and note that the world this time around is several times bigger than Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2 combined. However, this doesn’t mean that the clock has been completely removed.

If you’re interested in playing with a timer then you’re looking for The Nightmare mode. The mode brings you back to the start of the game but if you level up a character in regular mode, you can then shift him to Nightmare mode once you think your level is high enough. Capcom has stated that the Nightmare mode of Dead Rising 3 is way more difficult than the one in the previous games. Hence, it makes sense to take it slow. Completing the Nightmare mode will earn you special rewards but at this time we’re uncertain as to what the rewards actually are.

Speaking with Siliconera, producer of the game Mike Jones gave some insight to the storyline. Dead Rising 3 will include different factions. One group is called The Illegals who live beyond the town of Los Perdidos.

“The Illegals are infected with the virus. Legally, they are supposed to have a chip installed in them that has GPS tracking and it administers them a dose of medicine where they are not going to turn into a zombie. And if they do, it alerts the government so they can control zombie outbreaks,” producer Mike Jones explained. “Illegals are people that reject that and don’t want to sign up for some crazy government stuff. They have to live outside of society and find their own Zombrex and stay alive in their own way. You’ll see as the story plays out, there are different factions in the game.”

Dead Rising 3 so far is an exclusive title for the Xbox One and will release later this year.