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Blizzard’s Titan Might Not be a Subscription-Based MMORPG

Blizzard has managed to keep a pretty tight lid on their long time project Titan, and back in May we received word that the project was undergoing some pretty significant changes. Now according to CEO Mike Morhaine the game probably won’t be a subscription based MMORPG.

“We’re in the process of selecting a new direction for the project and re-envisioning what we want the game to be. While we can’t talk about the details yet, it is unlikely to be a subscription-based MMORPG.”

Initially, when word of Titan was leaked, Blizzard was of the stance that there were some limitations in the core, fundamental design of World of Warcraft that patches simply could not fix. They said that the purpose of project Titan was to allow the developing team to create a game in which they could do the things that WoW simply isn’t capable of.

Naturally many took this to mean that Titan was meant to be a successor to WoW. A better version that would revolutionize the genre in a similar way to how World of Warcraft did when it first came out.

Unfortunately we have little information beyond that one quote from Morhaine. It’s interesting that the statement could mean so many things. It might mean that the game is no longer an RPG. It might mean it’s not an MMO, it might even mean that Blizzard is moving away from it’s tried and true subscription based model and might adopt Free-to-Play.

They’ve also shifted resources from Titan to other games, such as World of Warcraft and Blizzard All-Stars. There’s no release date for Titan, whatever it turns out to be.

Source: Gamerant