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SimCity Update 7 Brings Underpasses, Fly-Overs, and Tunnels

The EA franchise has been making it to the news quite a lot lately, whether it is the news of an offline mode being made available or when the game’s creative director and lead architect leave to form another developing house. This time around though, it is the impressive features being added to the game through Update 7.

Update 6 was released yesterday for SimCity, making way for the next update which according to the game’s official website changes a lot about, at least, how the traffic runs –courtesy of VG247. Currently in testing, the update includes patch 1.5 which attends to the game related features.

Though the complete list of additions is a lot longer, the prime changes would be the introduction of a new terrain tool that will let the players raise and lower the road level by pressing the “comma key” or the “full stop key” while making roads. This will in turn create tunnels, underpasses or flyovers and bridge – this will not work on existing road layouts.

Apparently the update is more road focused, this is so because the other major change improves the street smartness of drivers. That is, now the general traffic will behave in a smarter way. In a single specific explanation EA tells that this will reduce the number of lines formed by vehicles converging on a single point.

Now this change will certainly make the roads look better but it will also help in improving the city management for all the vehicles on the road will be effected by it and that includes; Police, Fire Trucks, Moving Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Recycling Trucks, Resource Trucks, Buses, Ambulances, and of course Civilian vehicles.

A post on the EA forums goes to a great length to explain the rest of the features of this update too.

Apart from the added game features, the update brings Server Upgrades; EA suggests that translating all the old servers to new the faster and higher capacity servers would optimize the gameplay. A Server Status Page has been added to the SimCity website that now lets you check the status of a certain server before you hook up.