Payday 2 Character Archetypes and Skill System Video

The Mastermind, the Enforcer, the Tactician, the Ghost – these are the archetypes featured in Payday 2, as described by David Goldfarb, game director.

Goldfarb obviously knows criminal character archetypes, as he cites one of the greatest crime films ever made when describing the Mastermind: “The Mastermind is like Robert DeNiro in Heat. He’s a crowd control guy, he’s a leadership guy; he uses a medical bag as his kind of primary gadget.”

The other archetypes are worth a listen as well, especially to fans of crime fiction:

“The Technician is the gadget dude, the guy who uses a drill, the guy who is really good with mines and sentry guns.”
“The Enforcer is kind of the heavy, the muscle guy, the guy who’s got his weapons…his thing is the ammo bag.”
“The Ghost, that’s the stealth guy, the sneaky one. The one who’s has this CCM jammer who can stop alarms and open doors electronically and all that stuff.”

Goldfarb also discusses Payday 2’s skill point system, where one point is earned every time you level, and can be invested in any skill in the skill trees. When you have enough, you can buy your way into a higher tier which will give you access to even more skills to invest in.

Payday 2 is slated for release this summer for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.