Circuit Court of Appeals Rules against EA in NCAA Case

EA is probably wishing it never used the NCAA license in its college sports games. Thanks to a lawsuit by Ed O’Bannon, former UCLA basketball player, directly suing the NCCA, EA has been accused of profiting off certain players without compensating them. Now, the 9th U.S.

Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that EA improperly used the likenesses of several ex-NCAA football and basketball players.

The ruling states that EA “literally re-creates [Arizona State University quarterback Samuel] Keller in the very setting in which he has achieved renown,” profiting from them without compensating the players. This could open EA to more lawsuits from NCAA players who were unfairly used.

EA could appeal the ruling and take it to the Supreme Court of the United States if it agrees to hear the case. Otherwise the ruling will stand.

The NCAA announced it would not renew its contract with EA for its football series, while EA announced it would continue its series without the NCAA name, with the full use of most college university names from the Collegiate Licensing Company.

Source: Venture Beat