Zynga Sues Bang with Friends Developer for Infringing Trademark Rights

Can a social games developer make it to the news more than once for issues increasingly intriguing than the previous? Yes they can –or at least Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) can. It has been revealed recently via Bloomberg that the developer famed for casino games has sued another developer claiming infringements to trademark property.

Zynga has brought to court Bang with Friends Inc, the maker of a casual sex internet application with the same name claiming that the developer has violated their rights by using the “with friends” phrase in their Facebook based application. Zynga already has games and apps that go by the names like “chess with friends” and “words with friends”.

According to the complaint lodged at the San Francisco federal courts, the aforesaid application registered its domain last year for a platform that hooks up Facebook friends anonymously for casual sex.

Zynga has already been facing tough times with a fading demand for their games, decreased revenues and resignations from executives like John Osvald, SVP Games, Nathan Etter, VP Games and Jesse Janosov, Casino Division VP, the only apparently good news about the company was when Microsoft’s Xbox chief  Don Mattrick joined them for the post of CEO.

If Zynga manages to pull off the charges they will be able to bar Bang with Friends Inc. to use the name or anything in connection to it in the US jurisdiction along with damages.