Xbox One’s Smart Matchmaking Detailed

One of the big features that’s coming with the next generation is a new form of matchmaking on the Xbox One. It’s something that we’re already quite familiar with, due to it being one of the staples of this gen, but the new system is supposed to be thoroughly improved.

It’s called Smart Match, and it’s supposed to solve a lot of problems that the community have been asking about for quite some time now. But how exactly does it fix these problems? What is it doing differently in order to make the experience better for the user?

The new Smart Match system is supposed to fix up inherent problems in games that are mostly online, especially those games that have a smaller player population compared to some of the online juggernauts. It also works for gamemodes that are less popular with the gaming community.

How does it do this? Smart Match runs in the background whilst you’re in-game, finding players who would be appropriate for you to play with or against. This cuts out waiting in a room to find other players searching for a game, as the system has already cataloged every player who is a potential match for you.

Best of all, it runs whilst you’re doing anything, so if you are faced with a short wait for a game, then you can just switch OS’ and watch television, or use some of the apps on your console.

Smart Match is set up so that it will alert you as soon as a game is ready for you, regardless of what activity you’re pursuing in the interim between online games. You can even co-ordinate matches for your friends using the system, so that you can have more control over who you will be playing with.

And finally, Smart Match is constantly ranking you on skill and reputation, as well as keeping track of where you’re playing. Using this data, it can find the absolute best opponents for you.