Xbox One’s Design Allows it to Be Turned On for 10 Years, Claims Report

We all remember the issues which plagued the Xbox 360 shortly after its launch. The dreaded rings of death best put Microsoft a couple of steps behind but the console still managed to get close the gap with its competitors at the end of its term.

Microsoft has learned from their previous mistakes and this time around they are going to take every precaution necessary so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

According to a report by Digital Foundry, the Xbox One was built strongly in terms of reliability. In fact its design allows owners to keep the box turned on for 10 straight years and it will still run fine; or so does the report claim.

Of course no one in his right mind would do so but it still brings a sort of closure for consumers who can feel comfortable when giving away that $500 later this year.

Following the console’s reveal many were quick to voice their disappointment in the Xbox One’s design which is bulkier compared to its predecessor. There’s a reason for this too. Microsoft wanted more heat dispersion and so far developers working with the unit have claimed that they have yet to face any sort of heat related issues.

In fact the great ventilation and overall “near-silent” experience has greatly impressed developers. The report quotes one source who relays his experience with the prototype version, “It didn’t have working power lights, and that it was almost impossible to tell whether the console was in operation or not unless it was hooked up to a display”.

Microsoft is now planning on providing more information on the console’s benefits during its Gamescom conference.

Source Digital Foundry