Xbox One Accepts Third Party Headsets…Through Adapters

According to one Albert Penelo, Lead Planner for Xbox One, the Xbox One will support the use of current generation gaming headsets through the use of adaptors. The announcement comes following some reports stating that the console would not accept anything other than Microsoft’s own products.

When asked if the device is included with the console itself, Penelo replied to the negative, stating that it is in accessory, and must be obtained separately. He also replied to another tweet by saying that they were looking into including headsets with the Xbox One and that they’d ‘heard the feedback’ from the community.

Before now, the developer has said that they were planning for the Kinect-Xbox bundle to suffice when it came to out-of-the-box game chat capabilities. However, by popular demand it seems that they may be considering the alternative.

Back in may it was discovered that the data port for the Xbox One might be incompatible with other leading accessory manufacturers such as Turtle Beach, and that the (sometimes very expensive) headsets that many gamers already own would not work with Microsoft’s new console. This news about the adaptors should assuage most fears in that department.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause any PR issue for Microsoft. All things considered, having your own line of peripherals and unique data ports is the right of a company (as long as they have adapters!), Microsoft is probably trying to reduce dependency on third party manufacturers by taking things into its own hands here.