Patch Update for CABAL Online Arrives 1st of August

Arguably the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game there is in the market right now; CABAL Online is all set for another expansion patch as confirmed by their official website.

According to CinemaBlend, the new patch named the Rising Force Extreme is actually the next installment to the previous Rising Force patch. This update had cumulatively made the total number of expansion patches introduced so far equal to nine and now the Extreme update will be adding even more to the experience.

You get to indulge with new foes in an all new dungeon Forgotten Temple B2F which according to TenTonHammer is being bragged about to be the toughest challenge so far by ESTsoft the developers. I wonder why wouldn’t they boast of the toughness for you face monsters as well as a clock ticking away!

Looking into the expansion pack we find out that along with the usual but impressive new features and challenges; it comes with an upgrade system that will now let the players improve their equipment even beyond the maximum levels, meaning that you can continue to play even after reaching the endgame and still continue to improve.

The game was originally introduced in South Korea in 2005 with the European release coming a year later in September 2006 and the North American release later in February 2008. Set in the fictional world of Nevareth, it puts you in the shoes of the surviving members of CABAL, the group that had once saved the domain from enemies that endeavored to destroy it. A new evil comes to town as prophesized by Faust and now it’s up to you to get rid of them.

For more insights into what the update has to offer, watch the video below and check out what the official update review says about it.

Interested in the game? Go up to their website download it, wait for the Rising Force Extreme expansion pack and play!