Monster Hunter Frontier G Coming To PS3 and Wii U

In a bit of news concerning mainly our Japanese readership, it seems that Monster Hunger Frontier G will be arriving on the PS3 and Wii U in your region.

It’s essentially the same game that you can play on the Xbox 360 and PC, just ported over properly. However, keep in mind that the versions do not share servers.

The game is available for download for free, however it is a subscription based game, so you’ll have to keep dropping ¥1,600 a month, which equated to roughly around 16 dollars. Customers can also pick up an optional ‘Beginners Pack’, which includes the game, two months of paid subscriptions and some free weapons and armor along with a few other miscellaneous bonuses and costs about ¥6,090 or 62 dollars.

Trophy support is under consideration for the PlayStation 3 version. The PlayStation 3 Beginner’s Pack will include the following weapons and armor: Stauros Sword, Rondu Sword, Klaus Hammer, Lund Hammer, Crossbow, Yuenbow, and Metri Series.

The Wii U Beginner’s Pack will include the following weapons and armor: Adonis Lapis, Melgai Desolph, Noctabult, Berona Massa, Genea Regilng, Genea Dore, and Amiro Series. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use both the Wii U Gamepad and the Wii U Pro Controller, but not the nunchuck. No word on the 3DS.

One week before the game launches, Capcom will host a free test play period.

MSFG is not looking to come to other regions, unfortunately. There has been no word as of yet whether western audiences will be able to play the game. Furthermore, there is still no word on whether we’ll finally get this on the Vita either.

Official service will begin in Japan on November 20 for the PS3 and December 11 for the Wii U.