Company of Heroes 2: Classic “Langres” Map Coming as Part of Free Update

A popular multiplayer map called ‘The Langres’ from the original Company of Heroes will be making its way to the second installment, Relic Entertainment announced today.

The said map was a result of a map design competition held by Relic back in the days and so far has clocked over 3 million matches and 1.2 million hours of playtime. It’s suffice to say that The Langres is a major favorite of players dwelling in the classic strategy title.

The classic map has been given a “suitable Eastern Front twist” and will be available later today as part of a free update. The update will also include some gameplay changes of which you can read the patch notes at the official website.

The transition to the sequel though will find it renamed to Langreskaya and will feature both a summer and winter variation. This of course is to take advantage of the game’s new dynamic weather system which also has an effect on troops. The crust of the map though will remain the same.

Sega’s financial report for their first quarter was revealed earlier and it tells of great numbers thanks to Company of Heroes 2. The latest installment in the strategy warfare franchise supposedly sold 380,000 units in its first five days of launch. The game is still going strong and is a major winner in terms of revenue. Here’s hoping that their upcoming Sonic title is received with similar success.