Ubisoft Details Watch Dogs Supporting Characters

I have to give Ubisoft some credit for creating immense hype amongst the fans with their upcoming open-world third person shooter, Watch Dogs. We are pretty much familiar with the game mechanics and the lead protagonist of the game – Aiden Pearce.

But when it comes to knowing his side-kicks, there is very little that we are aware of! I guess keeping that in mind, Ubisoft has let out a few details regarding the supporting characters that will be present in the game so as to give fans an idea of these equally important characters.

The first character we got to know is T-Bone Grady. Although we don’t know much about T-Bone, we do know that he has sworn to help Pearce in finding out those who have murdered his family. The Ubisoft blog depict the character as a lunatic who is haunted by his past. Being a technical expert, he is the key to finding the people who have murdered Pearce’s family. It is also told that he and Pearce share a past and it kind of links them together.

The next character is Jordi Chin; you might remember him from E3 2013. Ubisoft describes Chin as a fixer who gets Pearce out of tight situations. He is told to have a wicked sense of humor and must be paid in order to get the work done. Both Pearce and Chin do like each other, but business is business, so there is no point in believing that they can’t kill each other if something goes out of boundaries.

Ubisoft blog describes the next character – Clara Lille as:

“She’s a dangerous woman who can weave her way through any system and expose every secret you hide. She might be an ally… but she might just as easily ruin Aiden.”

She is told to be a mystery to Pearce himself and also has a secret which players will uncover as they progress through the game.

Other characters were also teased – some of them are told to be Pearce’s friends, some will be his enemies and some will be both depending upon how much you pay them and all these characters will greatly impact the character development during the game. Guess we will have to play the game to find out!

For more details on the associate characters, visit Ubisoft’s blog.

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