Planetside 2: Player Studio Allows You To Create Custom-Items and Sell for Profit

Sony Online Entertainment has launched ‘Player Studio’ for Planetside 2 which is to the game like the workshop is to Steam.

The program allows players to create custom in-game items which can be either used by themselves or sold to other players through the game’s marketplace. The studio also confirmed that the feature won’t be restricted to the PC alone and will launch for the PlayStation 4 as well.

Users can connect to Play Studio to download geometry files and textures from the game. These can then be transferred to third-party softwares like Photoshop, 3D Studio Max or Maya; where users can design, sculpt and further customize.

When done, the custom item can be submitted to SOE for approval. Successful submissions will “receive a check from SOE every quarter for a portion of the revenue from their items’ sales.”

The Planetside 2 version currently supports decals, hood ornaments, camouflage patterns, vehicle canopy overlays and helmets. An official style guide for each of Planetside 2’s factions offers guidance for designers and mandates which items can and cannot be imported.

Sony announced Planetside 2 for PlayStation 4 at E3 in June. The game will also feature Vita remote play, allowing players to shift their session on to the hand-held via Wi-Fi. Using the power of the new console, Planetside 2 on the PS4 will actually feature a visual upgrade.

Senior art director Tramell Isaac stated during the announcement, “At the end of the day, Planetside 2 on the PlayStation 4 needs to feel like a console game.”

“It shouldn’t be this PC game that we kind of made it into a PlayStation 4 game. It’s going to feel like a PlayStation 4 game — native. And from the get-go console players are going to be able to hop in, play the game and feel at home.”

Both Issac and Wortley says that PS3 and PlayStation 4 players should expect new content to roll out with the PC release, every two to four weeks.