New IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Trailer Revealed In Wake of Pre-orders

After months of waiting, the pre-orders for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad have finally gone live, and to celebrate this we’ve been gifted with a brand new trailer of the game. The new pre-order trailer features all the kind of action that we’ve seen come from the game so far, and hopefully it’ll get you psyched enough to place a pre-order.

Not only do we have a trailer, though, we also have details on the pre-order bonuses. You can get the standard edition of the game for $49.99, or $89.99 for the premium edition, both of which can be ordered now on the official website for Sturmovik. Both editions offer incentives for early adoption, so it depends on what you want out of your order, really.

The standard version of Sturmovik comes with quite a few things. You’ll get early access to the game (which is awesome), as well as a silver founder’s tag to go on your profile. Not only that, but you’ll also get six starting aircraft as well, meaning you get some actual in-game content to go with your aesthetic bonuses.

The premium edition comes with a bit more, obviously. You’ll get your early access starting this autumn, ahead of people who only ordered the standard edition.

Your founder’s tag is upgraded from silver to gold, and you still get the six starting planes that the standard edition gets. On top of that, you’ll also get another two bonus aircraft, and a special label that will be added to your profile, marking you as a premium edition owner.

The aircraft have been confrimed to be the LaGG-3 s.29, Bf-109F-4, IL-2 AM38 (model 1942, single-seat), Ju-87 D-3, Pe-2 s.87/s.110, and He-111 H-6. The additional bonus craft that are exclusive to the premium edition are the La-5 and Fw-190 A3.