New GTA V Screenshots Show Plane and Vehicular Chases

The latest batch of screenshots for GTA V have been released, and they should leave you quite happy. These latest screens relesed by Rockstar show our three main characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, as they go about their daily ‘business’ in the city of Los Santos.

These screens focus on the scenery you’ll see in the city of Los Santos, as well as the vehicles you’ll be using to get around. Trevor busting around town on a quadbike is definitely my favorite, though that plane certainly looks like an interesting choice of transport.

There’s also looks at what appears to be a private yacht, which might match the downtime that the characters will be spending, or it might be another transportation method. We don’t know for sure yet, but it has a lot of potential either way.

There also appears to be quite a bit of vehicular chase scenes, from car chases to helicopter chases. Are the forces that are out to stop you stepping things up a notch?