Lost Planet 3 Pre-order Rewards Get Better as more People Buy

Steam has been running a new kind of pre-order bonus as of late; the more people that pre-order a game, the more rewards that unlock for everybody who pre-orders it. They’ve been doing it in a three tier system, with three additional bonuses and/or free games that unlock as the numbers of pre-orders go up. The latest offer is for the upcoming Lost Planet 3, and the rewards are actually pretty good.

The first tier unlocks the Freedom Fighter’s Pack, which adds five extra characters and two additional rig updates to your game. This one isn’t too amazing as many places are offering this as a free incentive just to pre-order, but it does get better so long as more pre-orders are placed on Steam.

Tier 2 adds two extra DLC packs for free, in the form of the Punisher Pack and the Assault Pack. These add two rig upgrades a piece, and you also get some new weapons. The Punisher Pack brings three long-range weapons to the party, whilst the Assault Pack adds close-quarters weapons (once again, three of them).

These weapons are exclusive to the DLC packs as well, meaning that this is your only chance to acquire them. Most outlets are only offering one DLC pack as a pre-order incentive, so Steam’s offer of three DLC packs is a lot more tempting.

Finally we have tier 3, which is definitely my favourite. You don’t get DLC in the third tier, instead you get two games for free. That’s two full games, for free. And they’re not bad games, either.

Yes, you’ll be getting free copies of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Bionic Commando ReArmed. If you own either of these games, then you’ll get whichever you already own as gift copies that you can give to a friend, or use to barter for games/hats/cards with other Steam users.

At time of writing, only the first tier of rewards has been unlocked, but we’re burning through the second tier. Whenever a tier is unlocked, you don’t lose the previous tiers, so whatever the final result is, you’ll get everything unlocked up to that point. I do hope that we unlock all three tiers, because Lost Planter: Extreme Edition was actually pretty good, and I hope that Lost Planet 3 lives up to it.

Source: Steam