inFamous: Second Son Gets a Release Date of 1st April on Gamestop

The next April Fool prank is not due until next year, right? Well, I don’t know why people have already started preparing for it?

What I mean is that Gamestop has recently put inFAMOUS: Second Son in games to be released with a release date of 1st of April, 2014. It does seem like a puny kind of troll because neither Sony nor Sucker Punch have given out any statement to second this. Or there can be thin chances that it might be legitimate. We can’t say anything with utmost certainty as of now.

There are a few who would like to debate about its authenticity as 1st of April, 2014 is a Tuesday with an American game release day. But still, what bothers me is why Gamestop would change the release date from “somewhere in February” to 1st of April over a night.

Courtesy of a NEOGAF user, who managed to find it first here.

Now it all comes down to Sony’s press conference at GamesCom where Sony will be providing comprehensive details regarding its games and we would be able to get a clear idea about all this fuss.

Note: GamesCom is scheduled to take place from 21st of August to 25th of August, 2013.

inFAMOUS: Second Son is a forthcoming action/adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch exclusively for Playstation 4. It was first revealed during Sony’s press conference in February, earlier this year and has arisen tides of excitement in fans since then. It is definitely a title to play when it arrives!

Do you think it is legit or another bad idea of an April Fool prank?