Capcom’s Deep Down Revealed to be a Game, Not Tech-Demo

During Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal event in February, a title called ‘Deep Down’ from Capcom was showcased. It looked beautiful and contained so much flair that it’s still considered one of the few titles, Xbox One’s included, that actually looks next-gen.

Initially everyone thought Capcom’s next-gen action RPG was a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma. This however was clarified later on by senior vice president Christian Svensson that “Deep Down has nothing to do with Dragon’s Dogma”.

…and that was it. Capcom went into radio silence and didn’t offer further information on the title. A lot of questions were raised but none were answered, until now.

Originally reported by DualShockers, a recent interview on the Japanese website Game Watch sees to Capcom providing plenty of new information on the game.

In the February showcase Deep Down’s visuals and animations were so overwhelming that people dubbed it as a tech demo. Capcom’s Deputy General Manager of Technology Research and Development Masaru Ijuin has now revealed that it isn’t.

Deep Down is an actual game that’s being developed alongside a next generation Panta Rhei engine; development of which started back in summers of 2011. The main focus behind the new engine is not only on visuals, but on ease of development; something which developers were finding hard to cope with on Capcom’s proprietary engine MT Framework.

Seeing the work done so far, we can safely say that they have done a great job, at least in the visuals department.

Moving on, programmers Daisuke Shimizu and Hitoshi Mishima chipped in a few technical details for the demo shown in February. The demo apparently ran above 30 frames per second and had a “total texture capacity of 2 GB. It ran 30 different shaders at the same time”.

For the rest of the technical jargon, you can head over to the report done by DualShockers.

Another piece of information revealed in the interview was that the name ‘Deep Down’ is not final and may change prior to release. Also though the game was showcased during the PlayStation reveal event, chances are that it will be released on the Xbox One as well.

However, these are just assumptions and Capcom has yet to reveal the intended platforms and release date.