Australians Getting Overcharged for Video Games

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve never been aware of the price hikes in Australia that make me glad I live in England. I’ve spoken with a lot of my friends from down under on the matter, and they’re always quite happy to complain to me about some of the gouging that seems to be going on because of importing and problems with the government. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was this bad.

An official report that has been released by the House of Rpresentatives Infrastructure and Communication Committee in Australia has revealed that Australians are being charged ridiculous prices for their video games. The report looks into the prices of all IT related products that are sold in the country, and the information revealed that there was a 40% to 90% increase in price compared to the US.

“But at least they still have Steam and all of the glorious deals that Valve give us”, you might think. However you’d be wrong, as some games are 200% to 300% more expensive on the digital platform in Australia when compared to their counterparts in the US. It’s a rare circumstance when the digital option is more expensive than physically importing a copy.

The committee have acknowledged a number of reasons behind the price hike on certain IT products, but according to them that still doesn’t account for a number of products sold at such a high price.

Digital products delivered via the internet have no excuses either, which must have irked the committee as they’re looking to fix the problem. They’ve already put forward a few recommendations to relax the parallel import restrictions, and to make amendments to the Copyright Act of 1968. If these changes go forward, then Australia could expect to see prices of luxury items such as video games decrease in price significantly.

Source: Pixel Enemy