Ashes Cricket 2013 Delayed Again, Will Release in November Now

505 Games announced today that their upcoming Ashes Cricket 2013 game has been delayed to November of this year.

According to vice president of global brand and marketing Tim Woodley a number of additional improvements were being done to the game and that ultimately spelt out a delayed release.

“We took a long, hard look at the game as it stands, and decided it simply wasn’t good enough in its current state. It was simply not worthy of the Ashes name.”

“Unforeseen issues which developer Trickstar faced in latter stages of development have meant that they have been unable to do the requisite amount of polishing and fine tuning which any game needs. We owe it to ourselves, to our licensors, the ECB, and Cricket Australia, but most of all to the dedicated cricket fans and gamers to put our best foot forward.”

Ashes Cricket 2013 was originally slated for release on June 21 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U. However, the publisher announced at the eleventh hour that the game will be pushed to July for quality insurance. The lack of information and updates since then already told us that we wouldn’t be seeing a release in July either.

Earlier on 505 Games released a six second clip of the game which significantly was also the first look for us. Personally I found it really bad as did many others I’m sure. It’s good to know that 505 realized the game wasn’t up to par with the new industry bars and hopefully the final product will be better.