20 Cancelled Star Wars Titles Unveiled

A horde of Star War games that have been subjected to cancellation have been unveiled in LucasArts tell-all book Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts.

While the book was published in 2008, thanks to All Games Beta, we are now beginning to comprehend every project that have been capped until now. If you look at the image here, you will know that a third Jedi Knight was also plotted subtitled as Brink of Darkness but sadly the project never got too far!

The logos themselves vary greatly from being knavish to sappy. So far my favorite one is of Rebel Warrior.

You might be interested in knowing that Disney has recently registered over 40 domain for an upcoming Star Wars project that is not present in this list. Courtesy of Fusible, the project is known as Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. For more details, click the link.

Three out of these domains come directly under LucasFilm namely:

  • StarWarsAttackSquadrons.com
  • SwAttackSquadrons.net
  • SwAttackSquadrons.org

As of now, we are quite uncertain as to what Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is!? There is a possibility that it can be a game. But it can also be a a movie, a TV show or anything other thing of the similar sort.

What intrigues me most is that Electronic Arts has also registered a domain named Attack Squadrons since 2000 that won’t expire until March, next year.

Knowing that Disney has tied license of Star Wars games to Electronic Arts, it can very well be a game.

People have approached EA to comment on this and we will surely let you know if there is any further news on it!