Xbox One: Prices for Accessories Listed at Microsoft Store

Just over a month following their Xbox One reveal event, Microsoft has now officially listed the prices for their new console’s accessories at their store.

A range of accessories, including controllers, headsets and charging kits now have a price to go along with them. An extra controller will set you back $60, while a headset will retail for $25. The latter is of course the basic one from Microsoft. Opting for third-party creators will end up with a more pricier headset.

Moving on, an Xbox One wireless controller bundled with a play-and-charge kit will cost $75, with the play-and-charge kit selling separately for $25.

Microsoft has yet to confirm that these are the official prices and that they were not just tinkering around with numbers. However, seeing that the Store has been updated, I’d say these are the final figures.

Note that you don’t necessarily need the headset to use in-game chat. The mic and voice commands built right into the new Kinect One will do that for you.

Comparing these prices to Sony’s; the DualShock 4 controller also retails at $60, with the PlayStation Eye at $60 as well.

Both consoles will launch later this year. The Xbox One will be priced at $500 and the PlayStation 4 at $400.

Source Microsoft Store