Vita Can Function as PS4 Controller If “Specifically Programmed”

Fancy using your PlayStation Vita as a second controller for your new PlayStation 4? Well that’s entirely possible but if only the developer has “specifically programmed” it to do so in the game.

Following a question posted on the Twitter account of Sony Computer Entertainment president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida about Vita’s prospect, he responded that the Vita is fully able to be used a controller for the new console. However, it all comes down to the developer.

“@InsideEddie Hey BRO! In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita,” he tweeted.

In May, Yoshida confirmed that Remote Play support will be a mandatory feature for all PlayStation 4 games. The features allows players to stream their game from the console over to the PlayStation Vita via Wi-Fi. During their PlayStation 4 unveiling event in February, Sony also stated that they are going to try their best in making most if not all PlayStation 4 games available on the Vita.

The PlayStation 4 releases this fall but a confirm date has not been given. It’ll most probably launch around October for $399.

The ending year is of huge importance to both Sony and Microsoft. The Xbox One is retailing for $499 and has been the victim of consumer rage which caused Microsoft to go back on some of their DRM policies. Christmas time will decide which console wins their launch, with the PlayStation 4 clearly the favorites with an attractive price. However, that doesn’t mean Microsoft is a long way off. Personally I’d say that the Xbox One will not be able to outsell the PS4 this year but come 2014, it will roar past them.

Source Twitter