Suspected Xbox One Leaker Refuses to Open Laptop for Police Investigation

Looks like SuperDaE has not had enough of the clashes with law according to Kotaku. The guy who is suspected to be the hand behind the leaked Xbox One details and trying to sell a Durango Dev Kit on eBay is now refusing to cooperate with the police in the investigation of aforementioned charges.

Seemingly unwilling to walk free or maybe working on a bigger plan, Dyan Wheeler aka SuperDaE declined to unlock his laptop for the police to investigate into the previous charges. Do keep in mind that a data access order had been issued against Dyan by the court during the hearing last month.

Comically, when SuperDaE was approached by the police he insisted that he had forgotten the passwords to his Macbook Pro owing to the fact that he had been changing the passwords regularly. I’d have had a laugh if I was the officer at the receiving end.

So yes, he has successfully added another offence to his list, making it a total of three offences now. Looking at his Twitter account we find out that Dyan now refuses the claims made by the police stating that there were no encryptions on his laptop.

I wonder where is this man getting all the guts from, standing up to the Australian Police officials, breaking the law, leaking details about Xbox One, I mean Microsoft’s big toy? Really?

Nevertheless, here’s an image of the charge sheet that Kotaku procured from his Twitter account in a complete CIA-ish manner.