Lucasfilm / EA Register Domian Names for Star Wars Attack Squadrons

Lucasfilm have gone on a certain domain registration spree that has brought them around 24 new domain names, each having something to do with the name Star Wars Attack Squadrons.

As reported by Fusibl,; Lucasfilm a California based television and film production house, which works as a subsidiary to Walt Disney, is working something up that relates to the epic Star Wars.

The exact nature of the project has not been confirmed yet – it could be anything from a movie to a TV show to… yes, a video game. Sadly, so far all we have to go on is the name Attack Squadrons – not that it would help a lot in figuring out what we are dealing with.

Some of the domains registered include,,, and

Now according to WHOIS, EA owns two of the  24 domains, namely and

As of now, everything is provisional, but with EA’s presence among the domain holders, and the fact that they were contracted by Disney earlier this year to develop games for the Star Wars series does give an inclination towards what you guys want to hear.

Going some 15 years back in time, there has been a Star Wars game with a similar name too: the Star Wars: Rouge Squadron, an action arcade game. The name certainly is similar; could be the next installment. But hey, we’ve got to wait for word from Disney or EA!