Dragon’s Crown Sold out in Japan Just 3 Days Post Release

We have learned from DualShockers that Dragon’s Crown, the PlayStation-only 2D Fantasy Action Role Playing Game that hit the racks only 3 days ago, has been sold out everywhere in Japan. Vanillaware must be having a ball.

Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers has gone to depths for confirmation regarding the stock outs at Japanese retailers and has returned after an exhaustive search claiming that all of Amazon Japan, Tsutaya, Media Land, Super Potato, 7Net, Lawson, Net Off, Jbook and Sofmap have run out of stock on Dragon’s Blood.

It is only Happinet and Yodabashi Camera that still hold the game in one way or the other i.e. Happinet only has the PS3 version while Yodabashi Camera has kept hold of the PS Vita version only –even then they have a “low stock” notice hanging over the product.

Apart from that, a post on GameFAQs purports that many Twitter users have also reconfirmed the same thing via tweets referring to stock outs or last minute purchases.

Dragon’s Crown is a conventional side scrolling game typical to the JRPG genre where players must walk the path with either one of Fighter, Amazon, Elf, Sorceress, Wizard and Dwarf in search of unseen fortunes and untold adventures. The sword and sorcery based game supports online gameplay at PlayStation Network.

This leaves a point to be marked for the future when it comes to judging the potential of classic games and of course the power of a decent marketing campaign. Hope the guys over at Japan get the next consignment of the game soon!