Amercan McGee’s Grimm Now Up For Voting On Steam Greenlight

Gather ‘round boys and girls, because it’s story time. Only these stories aren’t the kind you tell your kids before bed (unless you’re a very evil and sadistic person). It seems the American McGee’s Grim is up on Steam Greenlight and is available for voting.

If you think Grimm is worth your time and money then consider heading over to Steam and upvoting the game. The story basically revolves around a wicked and evil character named Grimm who’s gotten sick of how watered down the classic fairy tales (Grimm’s fairy tales in fact) have become.

For those of you who didn’t know, back in their heyday, Grimm’s tales used to be stuffed with themes such as sex and violence, and were meant to give caution to the listener. Basically they were the Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad of their times.

The episodic game features 23 chapters that each last for about half an hour. Help Grimm as he twists the likes of Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel into dreary and dark versions of themselves. Players spread gloom by moving Grimm around each world, working to reach an acceptable level of grime within the shortest time possible.

The Unreal Engine-3 based Grimm was the first release from Spicy Horse, McGee’s Shanghai studio, which also produced Alice: Madness Returns, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Big Head Bash and Crazy Fairies.

It also features an art style that very unique and distinct, as you can see from the header image. You can also purchase Grimm through Spicy Horse Studios’ own gaming portal, appropriately titled Spicyworld. You can get the whole package for $20, a single volume for $8, or a single episode for $1.30 each. The first episode appears to be free.