Dota 2 Breaking Records, New Immortal Items, Pubstomps, Defense and Mac/Linux!

Ever since the official EU/NA release of the game earlier this month, Dota 2 has naturally earned a lot more attention than ever before. It has been getting amazing review scores from all the major gaming websites such as a 9.4 from IGN, a 9.0 from Gamespot, a 9.5 from Destructoid, an 89% from Metacritic and even a 9 from Forbes.

With all these great reviews and with the increased server capacity, new players are flooding in to play the game and as a result, in this month of July, the unique players that have logged in to play Dota 2 has exceeded 5 million!!

Another big history making record that Dota 2 is breaking is the prize pool for The International 3 Dota 2 Championships.

When it was originally set at a 1.600.000$, with the introduction of the Compendium which costs 10$ and 2.50$ of each purchase has gone directly to boost the TI3’s prize pool, the community alone has boosted the previous number to above 2.600.000$ for the event and it is now the E-Sport tournament with the biggest prize pool of all time!

Since the 2.600.000$ Compendium goal has been achieved, all Compendium owners have received an Immortal Reliquary, which contains one of the newly created Immortal Items listed below.  This item will bring custom animations and new particle effects to the hero.

It can be one of the following: Abaddon’s Mace of the Chosen, Kunkka’s Leviathan Whale Blade (my personal favorite which adds a very awesome Whale Tail effect to each Torrent casted by Kunkka), Lone Druid’s Chaudron of Xahryx, Pudge’s Whalehook and Vengeful Spirit’s Scree’auk’s Talon.

International 3

Next up, the Place to watch The International 3!

Since the Benaroya Hall at Seattle has been at full capacity for quite some time and people all over the world want to watch the even in a really big way, Valve has launched a new page called The Pubstomp that will allow you to find an awesome venue near you to watch the event with a big group of friends and other Dota 2 fans over a few Beers/Wines/Vodkas/Sakes/Whiskeys/whatever else you drink in your country.

This page will also allow organizers to submit their venue and allow people to sign up to the event!

The International Official Schedule

Group Stage Days

  • August 3: 9AM -> 10PM
  • August 4: 9AM -> 10PM
  • August 5: 9AM -> 2PM

Main Event at Benaroya Hall

  • August 7: 12PM-> ~9-11PM
  • August 8: 12PM-> ~9-11PM
  • August 9: 12PM-> ~9-11PM
  • August 10: 12PM-> ~7-11PM
  • August 11: 12PM-> ~6-9 PM

Since this is a live sporting event, the ending times may vary. All times are listed in PST.

The venue list is getting bigger and bigger with over 100 registered venues, from all over the world, from countries like Brazil, to the UK, to Kazakhstan, to Indonesia and all the way to Japan! Chances are that there will be at least one venue where you live, so be sure to stop by and feel the energy of the crowd during this huge gaming event!

On a side note, fan favorite team Na’Vi has won the last major online tournament before TI3, The Defense, which earned them 12.000$.

This tournament was casted by TobiWan and SyndereN (who is the captain of the TI3 qualified team Mousesports) and in particular, game 3 of the Grand Finals was one of the most entertaining games ever, featuring an Ursa and a Dendi Zeus, you should definitely watch it here!

Last but not least, Valve has made the Dota 2 game client to be entirely playable on Max and Linux operative systems!