Planetside 2 Getting Retail Release With Bonuses

Planetside 2 just recently hit about 5 million registered users, and to celebrate the incredible milestone, ProSiebenSat.1 Games and Koch Media have decided to make the game available for retail for a price of £7.99.

At first you might think, ‘Why should I pay for a physical copy of a free-to-play downloadable game?’ well believe it or not the retail copy comes with some massive bonuses worth up to £40.00. It includes the main game along with all the updates and expansions that have come out so far, and additionally will provide players with the following:

  • Exclusive Golden Sub-Machine Guns for each of the three empires; the Eridani SX5-G for the Vanu Sovereignty, the AF-4 Cyclone-G for the new Conglomerate and the SMG-46 Armistice-G for the Terran Republic
  • A 7-day +50% XP boost for your character.
  • 1000 SevenCash / Station Cash (worth £7.99), redeemable through PlanetSide 2 accounts from ProSiebenSat.1 Games and Sony Online Entertainment.

  • A giftable code for a 3-day +50% XP boost that can be given away to a friend or squadmate.

The upcoming retail pack, called the 24 Carat Power Pack, will be released on August 16th 2013.

Planetside 2 is basically a sci-fi massively online multiplayer first person shooter game in which you play as one of thousands of soldiers vying for control of planet Auraxis for their respective faction. The environments are open-world, and the battles can be absolutely ginormous.

Players fight each other and are able to gain experience and level up to unlock upgrades, but upgrades are only stated to make a difference of power of about 15-20%, making it possible for low level players to go toe-to-toe with others. The game also features several classes with varying playstyles, as well as vehicles and aircraft that can turn the tide of a battle if used right.