Microsoft to Announce Self-Publishing for Xbox 360 at Gamescom

Following rumors of Microsoft reviewing their publishing policies for indie developers; FarSight Studios has confirmed through a newsletter that the software giant has now indeed allowed developers the power to self-publish their Xbox Live Arcade titles on the Xbox 360.

“Microsoft has just announced that indie developers (like FarSight) can now self-publish on Xbox Live Arcade instead of being required to find publishers for their games,” the newsletter reads.

The letter then added that the studio can now look forward to publishing The Pinball Arcade through Xbox Live Arcade, which was previously revoked by Microsoft due to issues with Cave Entertainment who published the title back then.

“This means we can bring The Pinball Arcade back to the 360 ourselves, and also opens the door to an Xbox One version of The Pinball Arcade in the future!”

The issue was originally against the Xbox One where indie developers complained that the availability of a dev kit was a menace and that Microsoft was forcing them to go through third-party publishers.

Looking at how competitors Sony and Nintendo are supplying their dev kits to everyone and welcoming the indie circle with wide open arms; Microsoft had to eventually go back and review their policies.

Microsoft will officially announce the self-publishing program next month at Gamescom on August 20. The event will be co-hosted by corporate vice president Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison.

Kinect Sports Rivals for the Xbox One will also be playable there for the first time. The game was supposed to launch later this year but was recently revealed to have been pushed to Spring 2014 to keep quality in check.