Lost Planet 3 Is Now Available For Pre-Order On Steam

One of the most highly anticipated games this year, Lost Planet 3, is close at hand.

With only a month left until the game officially hits the store shelves, it is at last available for pre-order on Steam for PC.

The pre-order edition is priced at 49.99 and like many other games out there, it also comes with pre-order rewards bundles – in order to provide a little additional to those pre-ordering the game.

The three bundles use an unlocking system and will become available as more and more people will pre-purchase the game. The details of all three bundles is given below:

The first bundle which has already been unlocked is called Freedom Fighter’s Pack and it incurs five characters and two rig upgrades which will be available at launch.

The second bundle which is yet to be unlocked includes two packs – Punisher Pack and Assault Pack.

Punisher Pack will include all the rewards of the first pack in addition to three long-ranged weapons and 2 rig upgrades while the Assault Pack will get you all the rewards from the first pack along with three short-ranged weapons and two rig upgrades.

And finally the third bundle which will get you everything from the two bundles above plus a copy of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and a copy of Bionic Commander ReArmed.

For those of you who want to pre-order the game, you can do it from here!

Lost Planet 3 is slated to release on 30th of August for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Will you be pre-ordering the game?