Did Warner Just Let Slip a New Mortal Kombat Title?

In a recent interview conducted by GamerHubStudios with Warner Bros. producer Lance Sloane, something unexpected was said which paves the way to a new hype train.

When discussing the upcoming Mortal Kombat feature film, Sloane let slip that NetherRealm Studios is working on a new game whose release will coincide with the movie’s launch. Now he didn’t exactly mention that it’s a new Mortal Kombat title but judging from the context, it really does look like NetherRealm is working on a new installment in the iconic series.

Here’s the quote from the interview.

GamerHub.TV: What is the current status when it comes to a Mortal Kombat movie?

Lance Sloane: Well, we’ve been in greenlight committee for a while at the studio. We’ve got a great script. And we’ve got a great director with Kevin Tancharoen. Who is on board. It’s just figuring out the business side of it and when we would do it and when we would launch it and how do we sync up with the launch of the game they’re working on now. It’s not 100% yet, but we’re getting closer every day.

The original Mortal Kombat movie, which personally I think was the best of the lot, was released alongside Mortal Kombat 3. Boon has done it before and he may possibly do it again. Injustice: Gods Among Us is already rumored to be releasing as a Game of the Year edition for the PC later this year. If true then that leaves the studio free of all known projects.