Defiance Sheds Price, Now Available for as Low as $9.99

In a post on the Defiance website, Trion Worlds has announced mind boggling (in many ways) discounts on the persistent world science fiction futuristic game Defiance that hit the racks on 2nd April for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Okay we agree the game has had more than its fair share of problems, and we also agree that it has only been 3-4 months since the game released so this might sound weird to those who spent 100s of buck on it, but this is what Trion Worlds wants to go on with.

Announced two days ago on the 25th of July Trion Worlds shared that users will now be able to buy the game for PCfor $9.99 and on Xbox360and PS3for$19.99. The Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game really sounded very promising at first, but then came the actual release and the lack of expectation fulfillment.

This was something many of the user shoped Trion Worlds would rectify, but that is not what’s happening. The game can now be bought for PC for as low as $9. 99 which as of now tells only one thing; the publishers are aiming at money making only.

Maybe they plan to adhere to the users requests and who have spend a multifold more on it and make this game what it actually had to be instead of simply offering unshakeable discounts to prospective customers.

Other than that, new players are being offered a 7 day trial of the game at the end of which they can either choose to buy or leave the game. In case you buy it, the game carries on from where you left it in the trial –pretty slick eh? This is where you register to play it for free.

Regardless, the discounts are certainly luring and we might see a number of players added to the game. Here’s where you want to go if you are one of those new players and are looking to buy Defiance.