Voodoo DLC Released for Tropico 4

El Presidente! There is a problem on the island; citizens are reporting strange things happening around a new house that’s appeared. Could it be some sort of voodoo?

Today sees the release of the latest DLC pack for Kalypso Media’s Tropico 4 in the form of the new Voodoo add-on. This latest piece of DLC adds a new building and mission for use in-game, as well some new clothing for your avatar on the island.

This time around is the new Voodoo Manor which can be used as a tourist attraction, and the Voodoo Curse mission which sees El Presidente cursed by a mysterious Soviet Sorceress.

You can get the new DLC right now on both Xbox 360 and PC for just £3.49/€3.99, or 400 Microsoft Points if you’re doing it via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Voodoo is already available on Steam and the Kalypso Launcher, and is ready to install as soon as you buy it.