The Crew – Customization, Road Maps, Free Roam and More

Ubisoft’s The Crew is all about freedom!

It has been almost two months since the announcement of Ubisoft’s online open-world driving adventure known as The Crew. Since then, the whole team has been swarmed with questions related to this forthcoming racing game. The fans from all around the world are getting eager to get their hands on it.

Although Ubisoft has promised more details regarding the game in upcoming months, they were generous enough to answer a few questions.

When asked about the types of cars that were going to become a part of the game; game’s community developer, Soufyane Brahimi said that more information regarding the cars will be revealed in upcoming months but The Crew is going to bring forth the biggest lineup of cars ever!

He further added that each player would be able to customize his/her car in any way they want so as to feel like they really own that particular car.

When asked how broad the concept of customization is; he said that the game will feature around 500 colors, 200 unique stickers (players would be able to design their own stickers too), front bumpers, rear bumpers, side skirts, headlights, taillights, hoods, side mirrors, etc.

The Crew will also feature pretty extensive damage system. The game has a life gauge which gets lessen when your car takes damage and then regenerates on its own. However, if you keep on damaging your car; it will render it to become ineffective until you repair it. The damage will also affect the handling of your car.

As for the visuals, you will see scratches or dents on your car when it gets damaged or might even notice a bumper crumbling down. You will also be able to hear squeaking sounds if your car is damaged.

The game will also have a radio with different frequencies – each region will have its own frequencies. And the players will also be able to customize their own playlist.

Soufyane also clarified the questions regarding the road map of the game. He said that creating roads & other details was the biggest challenge for the creative team as they wanted to create an exact map of United States (where the game will take place).

Not only roads, but the game will also have deserts, mountain trails, racing tracks and much more. While the city will incur a wide range of small streets, wide roads and bridges.

Soufyane also shed light on the free roam aspect of the game saying that it is one of the biggest highlights of the game. The Crew provides players with the freedom of roaming around the United States without having to worry about any races being inflicted on them!

And lastly, when asked about how the single-player and multiplayer modes work; he said that The Crew is an online experience where the player is a part of a large online community. Therefore, it is up to him to join the other players to complete a set of challenges or free roam the world without having to worry about anything.

According to him, the game will deliver an experience that has never been seen in a racing game. The Crew is works entirely on a player’s decisions. The players can play solo as much as they want or jump into the challenge with their friends or the player next to them at any given time.

For more information on The Crew, follow them on Twitter or their Facebook page. You can also visit them on their official website.

In case, if you are looking forward to pre-order the game, you can do it here.

The Crew will launch for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC somewhere in 2014.