Rayman Legends Getting a PC Release

Following much campaigning from fans, thousands of requests to Ubisoft, and a good deal of hope; Ubisoft have announced that Rayman Legends will be coming to PC.

The newly announced PC version will release simultaneously alongside the console versions on September 3. Considering the late announcement, it’s great to see that Ubisoft will be able to push out a PC version at the same time as the other releases.

There’s a bonus for PC gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on Rayman Legends as well.

If you pre-order the digital version of the game from the UbiShop, then you’ll get a free copy of Rayman Origins as well that you can download, install, and start playing immediately. Hopefully, that’ll keep you satiated until September 3 (six long weeks to wait)

Ubisoft released the news today via the UbiBlog maintained on their website. It’s good to see Ubisoft supporting the PC as a gaming platform, considering their distaste for it in previous games. I shouldn’t have to mention the ridiculous DRM hoops we had to jump through to play the early Assassin’s Creed games.