EA Introduces Dynamic Ratings to NHL 14

News for Hockey fans all over! It seems that EA has just recently announced a new feature for NHL 14, called Dynamic Ratings.

Ever notice how sometimes players tend to go on tilt? Other times they just never seem to miss a shot or a pass. Well Dynamic ratings is here to replicate that effect with regards to your virtual players in the game.

Dynamic ratings takes a look at a player’s real world performance and adjusts their stats in-game accordingly. For example if a particular forward scores a number of goals over a series of matches, you’ll see his rating spike in the game, whereas if he hasn’t been as effective and been unable to score, you might see a drop.

Stat changes are, of course, different for players of conflicting positions. You don’t expect a goalie to score many points, so it would be unfair to dock his rating in game. Hot and Cold streaks will be initiated based on Points and Goals Scored for Forwards and Defensemen, while Goalies will be measured on Save Percentage.

You can check the ‘Starting Linups’, ‘Edit Lines’, ‘Team Rosters’ and ‘Player Info’ menu screens to check out whether your team or players have had any changes in rating recently.

Essentially this means that you’ll be downloading new rosters each time the dynamic rating changes come into effect. But to be honest it does make the game a little bit more realistic as hot and cold streaks are something that is seen often in NHL. A player on a heater might seem like a demigod gliding around on the rink, while a player on tilt might seem like he doesn’t even know which goal is his.

NHL 14 hits store shelves on September 10th, only on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.