Indie Devs to Get Full Access to Xbox One’s RAM, says Spencer

Following Microsoft’s confirmation a couple of days ago that indie-developers will be allowed to self-publish their titles on the Xbox One; the web is now curious over their stance on the console’s RAM potential.

Answering folks on his Twitter account, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that all indie developers will be given access to the Xbox One’s full RAM capability. Rumors of them being locked into the 3GB Windows partition are wrong.

“So do indie devs get access to the bigger pool of RAM? or are we limited to the 3GB in the windows partition?,” asked John.

Spencer replied, “Goals is to allow devs access to full pool of resources available, no indie RAM limit.”

Next question was how Microsoft plans to promote the indie and self-published content. “So now Xbox Live becomes a junkyard? And you’re fine with that?”

Spencer replied, “We are committed to creating a search tools and marketplace pivots to allow you to find games you’ll like.”

and again: “More details to come. Likely pivot is “Most Popular” giving you a view of what people are buying regardless of how pub’d”

On the current Xbox Live, indie-titles and self-published content gets buried beneath the other featured highlights. Spencer’s mention of a “Most Popular” tab is good but not enough. To give a greater access to the indie games, perhaps Microsoft should consider a dedicated channel as well.