A Gran Turismo Movie is Underway

Okay, so things just got heated a bit more. Not that racing simulation video game Gran Turismo itself isn’t hot enough, Sony has also decided to walk along with other big names that are looking at adaptations of video games into movies. Joystiq has confirmed a movie based on the game is in the pipeline.

Even if Sony isn’t doing this out of the impression left by EA by closing a deal with Dreamworks for a movie iteration based on Need for Speed; it’s still a wise choice. After all who doesn’t want another car racing game after the success of the Fast & Furious series?

And yes, Electronic Arts is also working on a too-hot-to-handle movie based on NFS which is inspired by a 70’s culture though we don’t expect the same from the sleek looking Gran Turismo. Or should we?

What will the movie be based on and who will star in it are questions that still need answering. Whether it will follow a Vin Diesel styled heist or just the hardcore racing phenomenon that is lucrative enough in itself, we must wait to know.

Yet one thing has been pointed out in the rumors ignited by The Wrap previously; Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti the co-producers of 50 Shades of Grey & The Social Network have been taken on board with Elizabeth Cantillon, Devon Franklin, and Hannah Minghella from Sony.

Since so far there probably is no script, no proposed cast or anything else for that matter, we will leave you at this. It will be quite some time before we talk dates.