EA’s Vice Executive Producer Speaks About Mirrors Edge 2 and Next-Gen Experience

In an interview with Gamereactor, Electronic Arts Executive Vice President, Patrick Söderlund addressed various things from the announcements of Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront to the studio’s focus on next generation of games.

When asked about the announcements of Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront; he said that one needs an enthusiastic team in order to make a great game along with taking what your consumers want into consideration. And they have successfully done both of these things when it comes to these games.

Well, there’s two things when you look at what to build. First and foremost frankly, what does the team want to build? Cause you need a passionate team to get a great game out. And obviously you want to make sure whatever the team wants to build resonates with consumers or players. And in this particular case I think we seem to have done both of those.

Söderlund also clarified the questions related to the delay in announcement of Mirror’s Edge’ sequel by saying that they were waiting to put in the right idea. And when the producer of the game, Sara Jansson, put forth her concept; we knew that this the thing we have been waiting for and that it can only be created on the next generation.

He further added that from that moment they have been testing out new ideas.

And finally he spoke why the E3 was only centered on the next-gen experience saying that for them E3 is all about future and they were excited to show what they had in store for gamers.

For us it’s about a glimpse into the future, that’s what gamers will be excited about and I think the games that we’re building take so much out of gen 4 and what the gen 4 consoles come with that we were eager to show it.

Your take on this?