Battlefield 4 Battlelog Features Detailed

Developer DICE has just released a new trailer video which shows off the next version of its social service Battlelog, which will tie deeper into Battlefield 4 than ever before. You can check out the trailer above.

For the new Battlelog, your phone, laptop and tablet all contribute to making your Battlefield 4 experience bigger, better and more immersive. First of all, the video shows you that you can use your secondary devices as minimaps while you’re playing a match. You can set waypoints and mark mission objectives on the fly.

You can also use the device to quickly change up your loadout, or search for other servers, or even check up on the people in your friendslist and queue up to join them. Another cool thing you can do is set up challenges that you and your friends can compete in.

For example you could start a challenge to see which amongst all of your friends is the best at killing tanks, and for the duration of the challenge all of you will be competing to see who kills the most tanks in their matches.

The thing I was most impressed with by far however, were the Geo Leaderboards, which shows a list of players along with their stats and geographical locations. I don’t know whether to be unnerved at the possible privacy concerns or excited at the prospect of competing with the community of players in my city/state/country/continent.

It would be really cool to be able to see myself progress from ‘best player of the neighborhood’ to ‘best player of the country’.

Of course, it brings a disturbing new possibility to light; next time that idiot on the other team says he’s going to find you and shove a chair up your bunghole, he actually might be able to.