NVIDIA’s K6000 is the ‘Fastest and most Capable GPU ever built’

NVIDIA is set to launch what it claims is the “fastest and most capable GPU ever built.” It’s called the Kepler-based Quadro K6000.

The company claims it has double the graphics capability of the Queadro 6000 which preceded it. Further, it’s 12GBs of DDR5 graphics memory is the “world’s largest and fastest.”

It also has 2,880 streaming multiprocessor cores, four simultaneous displays up to 4K resolution, ultra-low latency video input and output, and large scale visualization support.

The Quadro K6000 will release this fall from HP, Dell and Lenovo and be distributed by PNY, among others. The price remains to be set, but with the K5000 costing $2,250, you can bet it’s going to put a hefty hurting on your wallet.

Here are some of the comments NVIDIA has plastered on its website in regard to the K6000.

  • Animation and Visual Effects – Pixar
    “The Kepler features are key to our next generation of real-time lighting and geometry handling. We were thrilled to get an early look at the K6000. The added memory and other features allow our artists to see much more of the final scene in a real-time, interactive form, and allow many more artistic iterations.”
    -Guido Quaroni, Pixar vice president of Software R&D 
  • Product Styling – Nissan
    “With Quadro K6000’s 12 GB of memory, I am now able to load nearly complete vehicle models into RTT Deltagen and have stunning photorealism almost instantly. Instead of spending significant time simplifying the models to fit into previous hardware, we can now spend more time reviewing and iterating designs up front which helps avoid costly changes to tooling.”
    -Dennis Malone, associate engineer, Nissan North America
  • Energy Exploration – Apache
    “Compared to the Quadro K5000, the Quadro K6000 tripled the performance when running jobs on Terraspark’s InsightEarth application. With jobs running in mere minutes, we can run more simulations and get better insight into where to drill. In this business, drilling in the wrong place is a multi-million dollar mistake, and the Quadro K6000 gives us the edge to make better decisions.”
    -Klaas Koster, manager, seismic interpretation, Apache Corporation

Would you be going for the upgrade or opt for wait and see?