Major Nelson Hints Mods on Xbox One, Says It’s up to the Developers

It was confirmed by Microsoft through Gameinformer that they were working with the separate debug consoles and that now indie developers would be able to use each Xbox One as a Dev Kit or a debug console.

Following this, Major Nelson of Microsoft was asked by users whether Microsoft would also be allowing Mods on Xbox One; his answer had a slight hint in it.

When asked on Reddit whether allowing the console to be used as a Dev Kit meant that Mods would also be allowed, Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live aka Major Nelson was quick to respond with a comment that reads:

“It’s up to developers to support that. These are two very different things.”

Now that statement implies that Microsoft is easing up on their policies to a greater extent. Although he didn’t say it outright but this means in a way that if the developers are making games that support it, Mods could be expected.

Assuming that it is solely up to the developers i.e. whether they make games that allow modded content or not, this could be one reason of a hike in sales, assuming that it would be exclusive to them – wouldn’t they want to cash on it?

Furthermore this could be a shift towards the advocated most open console that Microsoft has made to date that is Xbox One.

Previously, Xbox 360 and Xbox didn’t allow modded content, so Major Nelson’s statement, if taken seriously, might actually be a ray of hope. But we’re still not sure.

We’ll be updating you with more information as soon as it comes.