Enjoy the Latest Beyblade: Evolution Trailer

All the Beyblade fans out there finally have something to relish over!

The developer behind the game, Rising Star has recently launched a new trailer for their forthcoming game – Beyblade: Evolution.

Beyblade: Evolution is scheduled to release on 22nd of October, 2013 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

It is told that the game will be available in two different editions; a standalone solus edition and a collector’s edition.

The collector’s edition will incur a copy of the game and, “an exclusive six-piece Beyblade Wing Pegasus 90WF toy” which was previously not available outside of Japan.

The other exciting features of the game include:

  • Combating against your friends and enemies in virtual arenas using 3DS AR cardreader.
  • Players will be able to customize, collect & battle against their very own Beyblade.
  • The game will also feature story mode both from the toy and television series.
  • Cross the gap with all-new Beyblade: Shogun Steel series.
  • Unlock the next generation of Samurai Ifrit W145CF Beyblade.
  • The collector’s edition will grant you an exclusive Wing Pegasus 90WF toy.
  • Feel the real battling environment as 3DS mimes original launcher mechanisms.

Beyblade: Evolution takes full advantage of unique capacities of Nintendo 3DS. The game will allow players to launch their Beyblades using the gyro and motion sensors while controlling the angle for better precision movement and modifications.

Players will be able to engage in multiplayer mode or pursue the story mode where they will unlock new items and information. The items unlocked could be used to fine-tune the Beyblades at Bey Factory.